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Having Trouble Getting Medical Leave Pay After A COVID-19 Diagnosis? Reach Out To A FMLA Lawyer For Help

Does your employer refuse to pay you because you had to miss work due to COVID-19? If you caught the virus, you might not have gone to work because you were unwell and contagious. If your employer is not providing paid sick leave despite you having proof of contracting the virus, get in contact with an FMLA lawyer who can go over your rights with you and possibly help you file a suit against your employer.

Providing Proof of Your Diagnosis

Your employer might refuse to pay you for the time you were out of work because they do not believe you indeed had COVID-19. When you have proof of the diagnosis, it is easy to take a stand against your employer, especially with your lawyer's assistance. The lawyer can make copies of your positive test while accessing medical records with you. These records may include details on any hospital visits or medical treatments you may have received due to contracting the highly-infectious virus. You may have all the proof needed to show your employer that you had a legitimate reason for not coming to work and that they should be providing you with pay for that leave of absence.

Attempting to Settle With the Employer

If the perfect scenario occurs, your employer will change their mind about giving you a hard time after seeing that you have gotten a skilled medical leave lawyer involved. If your employer does change their mind, you do not have to go through with the lawsuit, but you must ensure that you get the money owed to you in sick leave pay. When an employer refuses and continues to give a hard time, it is better to move forward with filing a lawsuit against them. The case will cost your employer more money, so there is a good chance that the employer will try to avoid going to court, but that is not always a guarantee. Whether the employer is cooperative or not, your medical leave lawyer representing you will fight to get what is owed to you because it is only fair.

People all around the world have been diagnosed with COVID-19. If you were just one of the people with it, you might have missed several weeks of work but did not receive medical leave pay from your employer. If your employer refuses to provide the well-deserved compensation to you, get a COVID-19 FMLA lawyer involved. The lawyer will go over crucial information with you, gather evidence of your diagnosis, and work on getting your employer to pay you.