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Do You Still Get Compensation For Workplace Violence Injuries?

You may get injuries from workplace violence, which may significantly impact your day-to-day operations. However, worker's compensation covers any medical expenses and other benefits following an injury sustained at work. 

So, are you still eligible for workplace compensation benefits when you suffer workplace violence injuries? Discover what you need to know about getting worker's compensation following workplace violence.

Which Types of Workplace Violence Can You Get Compensation For?

Workplace violence includes physical harm, discrimination, threats, or sexual assault. In this regard, you should receive compensation in case of a violent encounter with your colleagues or clients or an active shooter incident.

However, to get the appropriate compensation, the incident should occur in the workplace during your employment. Nonetheless, you may be ineligible for payment if you are the one who started the violence or if the incident is a personal issue. For example, if your partner shows up at work and attacks you following a domestic issue, it is considered a personal issue.

What Benefits Do You Receive?

Following workplace violence, you may be granted medical and disability benefits depending on the extent of the injury. Specifically, you receive permanent partial or total disability benefits if you suffer severe and long-lasting injuries. Also, the medical benefits cover any hospitalizations and prescriptions needed.

What Options Do You Have With Worker's Compensation Claims?

Your employer is responsible for providing a safe working environment. Thus, you should file a compensation claim if you get injuries from a violent action in the workplace as soon as it occurs. Also, ensure that you provide evidence to back up your claims.

You can file for a third-party lawsuit if somebody outside the organization is responsible for your injuries. In this case, the lawsuit applies if a visitor, customer, contractor, stranger, or anyone else not employed in your company begins the violence.

Also, you can apply for an independent claim against your employer for inadequate security following a violent incident at the workplace.

Why Seek Professional Help?

You should always consult a competent workers' compensation lawyer if you have experienced violence in your workplace. In this case, your lawyer will help you understand the entitlement you have to compensation and help you file charges against your employer.


If you have recently encountered an injury following workplace violence, you must report the matter as soon as possible. Contact a worker's compensation law firm near you for more information.