What Happens If An Employer Lies About Your Hours In A Workers' Comp Case?

One of the more nefarious things an employer might do when someone is filing a workers' compensation claim is to lie about how many hours the employee worked. This can create a tricky spot for the employee because it does acknowledge the claim's validity without giving them the full benefits they paid for. Fortunately, every workers' comp law firm has a plan for handling these sorts of cases. Here is a look at what happens if your employer misstates your hours enough to negatively affect your claim. [Read More]

Having Trouble Getting Medical Leave Pay After A COVID-19 Diagnosis? Reach Out To A FMLA Lawyer For Help

Does your employer refuse to pay you because you had to miss work due to COVID-19? If you caught the virus, you might not have gone to work because you were unwell and contagious. If your employer is not providing paid sick leave despite you having proof of contracting the virus, get in contact with an FMLA lawyer who can go over your rights with you and possibly help you file a suit against your employer. [Read More]

A Surety Bond Will Provide You With Financial Protection

A written agreement that states which services will be rendered by a specific date may not protect a customer, especially if the wording is vague or if important details are missing from the document. If you experienced an unfortunate situation with a construction contractor in the past, you may be wary about hiring another contractor to aid with the expansion of your business. A surety bond will protect you throughout the project and ensure that you do not pay money for a job that is not performed adequately. [Read More]